Start Systems - Start Pad

Sistemi di Partenza - Start Pad - Professional Timing |  Microgate

Pressure-sensitive touch pad for taking the start of a run in tests and training sessions.
Connectable with all the Microgate stopwatches, it is the ideal tool for all those situations in which the athlete’s start direction changes each time, making it impossible to use a photocell for taking the start.
The Start Pad can be connected to the Microgate stopwatches by cable, or by radio using the Microgate LinkGate system. 

It is also possible to calculate reaction times by connecting the Polifemo Light Radio photocell to the Start Pad. In this mode the photocell is used just like a start beeper: the stopwatch calculates the time that passes between the sound signal emitted by the photocell and actual departure from the pad.

Dimensions: 30x40x0,5 cm