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The new TWO SIDED semaphore light - equipped with high brightness and low consumption LED lamps, fully visible also in day light conditions – is the optimal solution for two-lane parallel speed races (cars, motorbikes, dragsters, etc.).

The activation is programmable and controllable by the REI2 chronometer or by PC through serial communication (RS485).

The 8 white lights (4 for each lane) provide a feedback on the racer’s correct alignment at the start, while the other bigger lamps show the start sequence:  set (orange), go (green) and false start (red).

The start system, to be placed on the ground and equipped with adjustable feet for perfect placement, includes 3 laser photocells. 2 of them verify the correct racer’s alignment, while the 3rd is used to control possible false starts.

The semaphore light has an integrated Linkpod - which manages the laser photocells status - while at the finish line there are 2 Polifemo Light photocells, each one connected with one Encradio MF (which communicates with the correspondent Decradio connected to the REI2 chronometer).

Optionally 2 more Polifemo Light photocells can be added to calculate speed at the finish line.

    Timing and speed can be shown on 2 Micrograph LED displayboards (one for each lane), which can be controlled wirelessly.

    The race can be completely managed with MiSpeaker software.

    Technical data:

    • Dimensions: 230x55x60 cm (H x W x D)
    • Weight: 50 Kgs
    • Maximum photocell-reflector distance: 10 meters
    • Small lamps (white) 3.5 W with standard plug E27 equivalent to a 40W/330Lm lamp
    • Large lamps (colored) 3.8 W with standard plug E27 equivalent to a 50W/380Lm lamp