Start Systems - HiClock

HiClock is the first system to integrate start clock and full-colour display board functionality to display times.
Consisting of a 48x16 matrix of colour LEDs, in start clock mode it displays both the time of day and the specific semaphore information for each discipline. Featuring a time base with a thermocompensated oscillator ±1 ppm at an extended temperature range and GPS synchronization with a high-gain antenna, it can be used either in standalone mode or managed by the Pro Series range of stopwatches. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity enables wireless communication with Microgate stopwatches and apps.
The display board mode makes it a versatile instrument for viewing a time running on the Pro Series range of chronometers.


  • WEIGHT 3.42 kg
  • DIMENSIONS (WxHxD) 480 x 160 x 125 mm
  • TIME ACCURACY 1/50,000 of a second
  • DISPLAY 2.8" configuration display with capacitive screen
  • TIME BASE thermocompensated oscillator ±1 ppm with GPS synchronization and an integrated high-gain GPS antenna
  • CONNECTIVITY USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi, two input and two output lines


Simple, at-a-glance user interface that permits choosing the viewing and sequence repetition times in an easy and intuitive way.

Technical Data