Software for PC - MiSpeaker

MiSpeaker is a professional software created for the management of various sport disciplines (winter sports, show jumping, swimming, etc.).
It allows dynamic real-time viewing on PC of running time, best time, time to beat, rankings, start lists, disqualified competitors, etc.

As well as dynamic viewing of race data and the possibility of modifying them in real time, the main features of MiSpeaker are:

  • Simplicity of use – the immediate user interface and smart-help mode make it quick to learn to use
  • Customization – every part of the software can be configured to suit the user’s requirements
  • Compatibility – MiSpeaker is compatible not only with Microgate stopwatches but also with Alge and DigiTech products 
  • Immediacy – displayboards can be rapidly and simply managed directly by MiSpeaker
  • Connectivity – MiSpeaker makes it possible to connect up to 4 different stopwatches to the PC for management of a single race, also remotely via modem or internet if it is not possible to connect one or more stopwatches to the computer with cables 
  • Multi-functionality –MiSpeaker makes it possible to view special windows designed specifically to enable juries and commentators to consult all the race data in real time 
  • Versatility – MiSpeaker allows rapid data import and export in other formats (Excel, CSV, DBF, Matrix, etc.) and automatic calculation of race scoring for international competitions 


    Software Pc - Mispeaker01 - Professional Timing | Microgate
    Software Pc - Mispeaker02 - Professional Timing | Microgate
    Software Pc - Mispeaker03 - Professional Timing | Microgate
    Software Pc - Mispeaker04 - Professional Timing | Microgate

    Formats supported:

    • import of competitors: Excel, testo e CSV, DBF
    • export of competitors: Excel, testo, CSV, DBF
    • export of competition data: Excel, testo e CSV

    System required:

    • Pentium Intel processor or compatible, with minimum speed of 400 MHz;
    • at least 256 Mb of RAM;
    • hard disk of at least 4 Gb;
    • a DB9 or DB25 standard serial output (with DB9 adaptor) or USB adaptor- serial ;
    • Operating system - Windows 2000 or Windows XP


    • User Manual

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