Self-Timing Systems - Single Slalom

A special coin box (which works with tokens, coins or cards) fitted with a signal light and sound signal tells the skier when he/she may start (green light). At the finish, the alphanumeric or graphic displayboards display the race time.

The installation of a second photocell makes it possible to measure the exit speed. The system manages up to four people on the race course simultaneously. The interval between one start and the next, as well as the minimum and maximum times taken to cover the course, can be easily set, guaranteeing that the system functions safely and reliably also when a competitor fails to complete the run.

The system remains unused for a few minutes? No problem. The Microgate displayboards use this time to automatically display any message or advertising you have programmed.

As an option, the displayboard may be connected to a printer, which will print all the data acquired and, if desired, a pre-programmed message. Embedded batteries guarantee power for a whole day.

Sistemi Self-Timing - Slalom Singolo - Professional Timing | Microgate

The single Self-Timing Slalom Kit consists of:

  • 1 Coin box
  • start gate
  • 1 finish photocell + reflector
  • 1 alphanumeric or graphic displayboard.


  • 1 printer with ebedded cutter
  • 1 photocell for taking speed