Self-Timing Systems - Carving

In the management of Carving races, the start and finish impulses are given by 2 photocells. The displayboard (alphanumeric or graphic) counts the athlete’s time down from a preset maximum time for the course. If the athlete exceeds the maximum time, the displayboard automatically starts from 0 and displays the extra time taken.

The system remains unused for a few minutes? No problem. The MicroGATE displayboards use this time to automatically display any message or advertising you have programmed.

As an option, the displayboard may be connected to a printer, which will print all the data acquired and, if desired, a pre-programmed message. Embedded batteries guarantee power for a whole day.

Sistemi Self-Timing - Carving - Professional Timing | Microgate

The Self-Timing kit for Carving races  consists of:

  • 1 coin box
  • 2 finish photocells + reflectors (1 x start, 1 x finish)
  • 1 alphanumeric or graphic displayboard


  • 1 printer with embedded cutter
  • 1 photocell for taking speed