Radio systems - Polifemo Radio Light

The radio system embedded in the Polifemo Light photocell allows easy and rapid positioning of the photocells wherever you want along the course. The timekeeper can then receive the total time via wireless transmission and take up to 6 intermediate times, all of them identified.

It is also possible to calculate reaction times by connecting the Polifemo Light Radio photocell to the Start Pad. In this mode the photocell is used just like a start beeper: the stopwatch calculates the time that passes between the sound signal emitted by the photocell and actual departure from the pad.

Sistemi via Radio - Polifemo Radio Light - Microgate | Professional Timing
  • EncRadio Light impulse transmission system embedded in the photocell
  • Radio transmission range of about 300m.
  • Selection of impulse type (start, stop, up to 6 laps, each one individually identified);
  • Reflection functioning with a range of about 15 metres;
  • Low battery indicator;
  • Embedded ‘smart’ recharge circuit;
  • Possibility of substituting the rechargeable batteries with two AA batteries (over 15 hours of battery life) Possibility of connecting other devices which have a normally open signal to the photocell for wireless impulse transmission.
Technical Data Table
Weight: 445 g
Dimensions: 59 x 180 x 104 mm (l x p x h)
Resolution: 0,125 ms
Delay in relation to event: 1 ms
Operating temperature: -25 °C/+70 °C
Power supply: Internal Rechargeable batteries : NICd, NiMH 1.2V Non-rechargeable batteries : alcaline 1.5V
On polifunctional 6 pole socket 5V¸13V with protection circuit
On recharge jack 5V¸13V with protection circuit (voltage >8V to allow recharge)
Protection circuit for all models
Battery recharge Embedded ‘smart’ recharge device
Battery life 18 hours
Processor: C-MOS 8 bit microprocessor
Data Sheet for all Polifemo
Model Polifemo Polifemo Light Polifemo Radio Polifemo Radio Light
Connections: Polifunctional 6 pole socket
Optoinsulated banana jacks
Optical range: 15m
90 m (facing cells)
Controls: Dip-switch line activated
Hold-off time
continous/one shot
type of signal transmitted (Start, Lap 1..6, Stop)
long/short signal
impulse transmission for other devices
Radio transmission: Digital FSK transmission; redundancy code with information accuracy check and autocorrection
Transmission channelling: (16 channels selectable)
Precision of impulse transmission: ± 0.4 ms
Time base: 4 MHz quartz ±10 ppm between -25°C and +50°C
Radio transmission range: About 2 km
About 300 m.


  • Polifemo RADIO-LIGHT - User Manual

    Document Revision: 200_006