Radio systems - HiLink

HiLink: the new Microgate radio transmission system

Incorporates both the transmitter (EncRadio) and receiver (DecRadio) feature using a transceiver module operating in the 433 MHz band. The compact size(60x119x33 mm), extended temperature range (-30°C +70°C), temperature-compensated time base of ±1 ppm over the entire temperature range make it the ideal instrument for the radio transmission of timing pulses in all operating situations.

HiLink is not only a radio transmitter/receiver, but is de facto for all intents and purposes a stopwatch, being able to use both Microgate protocols and time-of-day transmission.

HiLink also has a GPS module for synchronizing the time base with the satellite signal which can turn it into a synchronizer using one of its external lines.

The narrow-band radio module can be configured via software or remotely on one of the 68 available frequencies and can be supplied in the 10 mW power version as well as in the 500 mW version.

HiLink has a Bluetooth module for communication with ReiPro and RTPro stopwatches and for receiving information about HiSmart-equipped competitors using Smart Identification protocols.

The system can also be used as a radio receiver connected by cable to all the old generation Microgate stopwatches (Rei2 and Racetime2) being fully compatible with the LinkGate EncRadio systems or as a transmitter in the presence of an old generation LinkGate DecRadio.

Key Features
Dimensions (WxHxD) 60 x 119 x 33 mm
Temperature Range 30°C +70°C
Time Base Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator ±1 ppm + integrated GPS sync
Time Measurement Unit selectable down to 1/10.000 s
Time Accuracy 1/50.000 s
Connectivity Bluetooth LE, 433MHZ radio with 68 user selectable frequencies, 10 mW and 500 mW user selectable output power
Interaction with HiSmart Tag for Smart Identification