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The EncRadio transmitter is now available with a more powerful radio transmitter.

The function features are the same as for the EncRadio MF (multifrequency) system with a power of 10mW, but the greater power of the embedded radio transmitter makes it possible to cover longer distances (about 9 km in good conditions) and so guarantee better reception in those zones in which it is difficult to receive the signal sent by a standard transmitter (10 mW).


Weight 110 g
Dimensions 110 x 50 x 27 mm (l x h x d)
Transmission mode FM digital transmission; redundancy code with information accuracy check and autocorrection
Impulse transmission accuracy trasm. impulsi ± 0.4 ms
Speed measurement resolution 1.22*10-4s (1/8192s)
Time base 4.194304 MHz quartz ±5 ppm between -20°C and +70°C
Precision ±0.425 s/day for outdoor temperatures between -20° and +70°C
Operating temperature -20° / +70°C
Power supply Rechargeable lithium batteries • Internal recharge management • Functions also with external power supply
Battery life Over 2000 events • Indication on display and also with sound signal of charge level
Processor C-MOS 8 bit microprocessor
Keyboard and controls Signal, Repeat keys 2 arrow keys for setting bib numbers, second function key, on/off key • Software selection of type of signal transmitted (Start, Lap 1..14, Stop) • Software selection of long/short signal • Software selection of transmission channel
Memory 256 times and 256 speeds
Radio transmission For transmission of module data EncRadio uses UHF FM short band on the free 433 MHz frequency. 32 channels are available (from 433.875 MHz to 434.650 MHz), selectable with a 5 bit dip switch on the back of the device. Output power: 500mW.
Connections Input signal on Ø 4mm socket for normally open contact • Auxiliary input on Ø 4mm socket for taking speed or second impulse (contact normally open) • "Modem" input on Ø 4mm socket (accepts RS232 levels or TTL) • Delayed wireless transfer of stored data
Data Sheet for all EncRadio
EncRadio MF EncRadio SF EncRadio MF 500 EncRadio SF 500 Polifemo
PotePower of embedded radio module incorporato 10 mW 10 mW 500 mW 500 mW 10 mW
Possibility of setting competitor's number
Range of frequencies from 433.875 MHz to 434.650 MHz on a choice of 32 channels
Possibility of managing MicroTab and MicroGraph displayboards
Wireless transmission distance in good conditions
Selection of type of impulse start-stop-lap
Transmission of Start impulse only
Possibility of channel selection
Module available only when embedded in Polifemo Light photcell
Compatibilità DecRadio MF DecRadio SF DecRadio Light
EncRadio SF
EncRadio 500
EncRadio SF 500
Polifemo radio SF
Polifemo radio light

In the LinkGate EncRadio family you can find the ideal solution for your timing requirements.

The LinkGate EncRadios for wireless transmission of timing impulses are available in a compact external container or embedded in the Polifemo.

All the external EncRadio LinkGate transmitters make it possible to set the number of the competitor to whom the acquired event must be assigned. Two large buttons which can also be used even with ski gloves on allow rapid setting of the competitor number on the display. The system thus transmits to the receiving stopwatch not only the event taken but also the bib number to assign it to.

The LinkGate system makes it possible to move freely along the race course. So wherever they are, the timekeeper or trainer can receive all the times and speeds via radio.

The table summarises the main differences between the transmission modules (EncRadio) of the LinkGate system.