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The reception modules are directly powered by the unit they are connected to: stopwatches, displayboards or photofinishes.

Designed specifically for horse racing (trot and gallop), it allows optimal management of radio signals coming from the photocells along the race-course.

The main characteristics of the product are:

  • possibility of automatically activating the preselected photocell or of using the key assigned to it
  • acquisition of the passing of the forerunner horse only
  • management of 8 photocells
  • up to 4 MicroMuxs can be connected to each other to give a total of 32 photocells.

The characteristics of MicroMux also make it suitable for use for races and light athletics. When the leader approaches the intermediate acquisition station, its photocell can be activated just long enough to take the time of the leader passing via radio. Only the preselected photocell is activated to prevent the times of athletes who at the same time pass at other intermediate stations from being taken.