Photocells - Polifemo MicroBox

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A specially-created container for protecting the photocells and their accessories from the sun and bad weather when set up outdoors. It contains a Polifemo photo cell, a 220V adaptor and, where required, the LinkGate radio transmission system.

Technical Data Table
Weight: 445 g
Dimensions: 59 x 180 x 104 mm (l x p x h)
Resolution: 0,125 ms
Delay in relation to event: 1 ms
Operating temperature: -25 °C/+70 °C
Power supply: Internal Rechargeable batteries : NICd, NiMH 1.2V Non-rechargeable batteries : alcaline 1.5V
On polifunctional 6 pole socket 5V¸13V with protection circuit
On recharge jack 5V¸13V with protection circuit (voltage >8V to allow recharge)
Protection circuit for all models
Battery recharge Embedded ‘smart’ recharge device
Battery life 18 hours
Processing unit C-MOS 8 bit microprocessor
Data Sheet for all Polifemo
Model Polifemo Polifemo Light Polifemo Radio Polifemo Radio Light
Connections: Polifunctional 6 pole socket
Optoinsulated banana jacks
Optical range: 15m
90 m (facing cells)
Controls: Dip-switch line activated
Hold-off time
continous/one shot
type of signal transmitted (Start, Lap 1..6, Stop)
long/short signal
impulse transmission for other devices
Radio transmission: Digital FSK transmission; redundancy code with information accuracy check and autocorrection
Transmission channelling: (16 channels selectable)
Precision of impulse transmission: ± 0.4 ms
Time base: 4 MHz quartz ±10 ppm between -25°C and +50°C
Radio transmission About 2 km
About 300 m.