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MICROSYNC is the new Microgate GPS synchronizer. It is the state-of-the-art in synchronization systems based on the reception of UTC from the GPS satellite system. MICROSYNC has been created with the dual characteristic of being both a GPS synchronizer and a system with a built-in time base. This feature together with perfect integration with the REI2 stopwatch make it a system that is unique of its kind.

    MICROSYNC performs three main functions without requiring any configuration:

    1. Normal: Once it has been switched on and the signal has been acquired from GPS satellites, every minute MICROSYNC gives a closing signal on the sockets. The synchronization signal is compatible with all the timing devices on the market.
    2. Synchronizes with REI2: simultaneously with synchronization, on the MICROSYNC serial there will be sent a string with the time and date to which the stopwatch will be synchronized and a following closing contact. No configuration or setting needs to be made, either on MICROSYNC or on REI2.
    3. Synchronizes the GPS time base with REI:: If enabled, this function allows the stopwatch time base to remain constantly connected up with the MICROSYNC GPS signal, creating a stopwatch aligned with UTC time with an accuracy of +-1 microsec without integral error.

    MICROSYNC also makes it possible:
    • to set the synchronization period at 10s, 30s, 1min and 10 min;
    • to synchronize manually by setting the time and using the internal
    time base;
    • to activate a NMEA output on serial;
    • to activate DCF77 mode (compatible with old Digitech synchronizers).

    The main features of MICROSYNC are:
    • base times from GPS module using self-synchronization every second
    (PPS) with the ZDA protocol;
    • internal time base with a temperature compensated oscillator
    at ±1 ppm between -20 e +70°C;
    • NO output on 4mm banana plug (earth and signal);
    • serial output with NO signal on Amphenol socket for connection
    to REI2;
    • NMEA serial output available on Amphenol socket.

    Technical Data
    Weight 250g, including batteries
    Dimensions 120 x 65 x 40 mm
    GPS Time base GPS module always on with resynchronization on PPS signal (Pulse Per Second) every second. Synchronization signal precision ±1 μs
    Internal time base 12.8 MHz oscillator, stability ±1ppm between -20° and +70°C
    Display Backlit alphanumeric display, 2 lines of 16 characters each • Character size: 5x3 mm
    Internal base precision ±0.0864 s/day for external temperatures between -20° and +70°C
    Operating temperature -20° / +70°C
    Power supply Li-ion internal batteries; functioning also with c.c. 9~20V external power supply
    Battery recharge Built-in smart recharge device
    Autonomy >48 hours
    Microprocessor 16-bit C-MOS microprocessor
    Keyboard Keyboard wiht waterproof cover 1 ON/OFF key 1 ENTER key 2 arrow keys for input and selection of configuration menu
    Connessions Output for synchronization on 4mm NO green and black banana plugs (input if the device must be synchronized for only internal base no GPS function) RS 232 serial input/output for connection to REI2 stopwatch and Master Digitech Possibility of using the serial as standard NMEA protocol output Jack power supply input


    • MicroSync - User Manual

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