Displayboards - Urban installations

Best performance, even in traffic.

Microgate display boards have been developed for sport applications but, thanks to their wide range of functionalities and available programs, they are also an ideal solution for applications in the civil sector.

Modern cities have an increasing need for solutions updated in real-time and displaying various types of information to the citizens. Microgate display boards are used more and more in municipalities and localities for displaying traffic information and information on road conditions, mountain passes, or general information to the citizens by the municipality. MicroGraph, MicroTab, and MicroTab Light are characterized by high brightness and can be used with fix or mobile outdoor installations, equipped with integrated Wi-Fi or GSM module. Thanks to these technologies, the displayed information can be changed in real-time using a complete remote control and, if necessary, by an external operator (such as e.g. a policeman) sending an SMS from his mobile phone.

The following information can be displayed:

  • tourist information
  • service information (chains required, road closed, etc.)
  • fix or running texts, bitmap images (e.g. no vehicular traffic, arrows, and indication of direction)
  • hotel vacancies and parking information
  • other
Tabelloni a led - Urban Installations - Professional Timing | Microgate
Tabelloni a led - Urban Installations - Professional Timing | Microgate