Radio systems - Plug-Ins


All Microgate display boards with LED technology are equipped with Li/Ion batteries with 7-10 hours continuous operation depending on the display board type, the average brightness, and its use (displaying type, environmental temperature).

It is also possible to use external batteries using a 12/48 V converter matching the required criteria



The Microgate Wi-Fi module can be installed on MicroTab and MicroGraph display boards.

The network card allows the remote communication between display boards and other pieces of equipment with wireless transmission in 'WLAN' and 'ad-hoc' mode



The GPS time base consists of an additional chip which can be inserted into the display board and ensures exact time displaying in perfect synchronization with other appliances using GPS technology.


GSM modem

The GSM modem can connect various devices (PC, chronometer, mobile phones, etc.) with the display boards for data transmission and remote control operation. Thanks to this technology it is possible to communicate also at very long distances.