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Tabelloni a led - MicroTab Light - Professional Timing | Microgate

Time at Hand

MicroTab Light has been developed expressly for numerical applications, combining easiness of use, portability, and profitability.

It can be installed for example on the roof of a race car for bicycle competitions or marathons, and has five programs:

MicroTab Light can display:

  • race times, if connected with a Microgate chronometer or other chronometers
  • time
  • running time thanks to the internal chronometer

The display boards can be equipped with plug-ins such as:

  • internal battery
  • GPS sensor for perfect time synchronization
  • GSM modem (control via mobile phone, SMS, PC)
  • 12/48 V switch for external battery connection 
Tabelloni a led - MicroTab Light - Professional Timing | Microgate


LOW BATTERY: Battery status signal LED.

SERIAL1: 6-pole Amphenol connector for serial input/output

START STOP LAP INPUTS: 6-pole Amphenol connector for START, STOP, and LAP signals

FUSE: Fuse cavity

SPEAKER: Jack connector for external speaker connection

START STOP: Green START STOP button used for manual START and STOP signals and for modifying values in program settings

LAP RESET: Yellow LAP RESET button used for manual LAP signals and for confirming program settings

POWER: On/Off switch

SUPPLY: Neutrik connector for external power supply and battery charging (if used)

USB: USB cable connector for firmware updating

Technical Data
Weight 5 Kg (without batteries)
Dimensions 64 x 16 x 15 cm
Matrix 64 x 16 led
Operating Temperature -20° / +40°C
Average Autonomy (at 20°C) 10 hours


  • MicroTab Light - User Manual

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