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 Tabelloni a led - MicroGraph - Professional Timing | Microgate

A potentially infinite wall of light

MicroGraph is the ideal choice for all display necessities.

In stand-alone mode it ensures already great flexibility.

The modular configuration enhances its performances, creating a display board of the required dimensions and with multiple potentialities, being portable at the same time. The simple and fast assembling system allows connecting modules vertically and horizontally maintaining a constant LED pitch and creating one big display board without interruptions (gapless) between the display boards.

Each module measuring 128x32x15 cm has a matrix of 128 x 32 LEDs. MicroGraph can display various font types, with a height of 9-32 cm. It is therefore possible to display up to 3 lines of characters.

If connected with Microgate chronometers or a PC, the modules can display the following information:

  • names (athletes, horses, boats, etc.)
  • nationality
  • times
  • speed
  • penalties and scores
  • weather information
  • time and date
  • monochromatic bitmap images

In combination with Linkgate radio transmission systems the following information can be received:

  • timing pulses sent by EncRadio and Polifemo photocells
  • display information from Racetime2 and Rei2 chronometers, PCs and LYNX photo-finish

20 preset programs are available, which can be selected directly by the user, ensuring a very flexible use (see program table)..

With .netBoards software, it is also possible to store messages, texts, images, etc. to display them as required . 

The display boards can be equipped with plug-ins such as:

  • internal battery
  • wireless network card
  • GPS sensor for perfect time synchronization
  • GSM modem (control via mobile phone, SMS, PC)
  • 12/48 V switch for external battery connection
Tabelloni a led - MicroGraph - Professional Timing | Microgate
Tabelloni a led - MicroGraph - Professional Timing | Microgate


RADIO: 5-pole Nucletron connector for Linkgate radio system connection

WLAN: WiFi aerial connector (optional)

LOW BATTERY: Battery status signal LED.

SERIAL1: 6-pole Amphenol connector for serial input/output

SERIAL2: 6-pole Amphenol connector for serial input/output

START STOP LAP INPUTS: 6-pole Amphenol connector for START, STOP, and LAP signals

FUSE: Fuse cavity

SPEAKER: Jack connector for external speaker connection

START STOP: Green START STOP button used for manual START and STOP signals and for modifying values in program settings

LAP RESET: Yellow LAP RESET button used for manual LAP signals and for confirming program settings

POWER: On/Off switch

SUPPLY: Neutrik connector for external power supply and battery charging (if used)

ETHERNET: Ethernet network cable connector

USB: USB cable connector for firmware updating

Data Sheet
Weight 17 Kg (without batteries)
Dimensions 128 x 32 x 15 cm
Matrix 128 x 32 led
Operating Temperature -20° / +40°C
Average Autonomy (at 20°C) 8 hours


  • User Manual

    Document Revision: 1.0



  • Firmware MicroGraph

    The new interconnection cable (article $CAB169) is necessary for firmware version 1.8.6 (and newer versions) to display running texts. If you have displayboards interconnected to several rows (see figure) and display running texts, please get in contact with us to acquire a new interconnection cable.