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The new Microgate LED display boards.

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A revolution of light.

Ideal for every situation, functional, precise, and bright. This is what the new Microgate display boards offer: an ultimate concentration of technology and modularity for all necessities in races, as well as information display and advertisements.

The new market quality standard...

...this is what makes them unique:

  • Incredible brightness ensures perfect displaying results even in outdoor installations and in full sunlight. Thanks to photo detectors, the display board brightness is automatically adjusted for perfect visibility in every environmental condition.
  • The 10 mm pitch (the actual LED distance) allows for optimal resolution also when displaying precise moving graphics.
  • In order to prevent flickering video recordings and disappearing characters or image parts, Microgate's display boards feature static LED driving, thanks to which LEDs are always on.  
  • Reliability even under extreme environmental conditions. High-quality electronics allow for a wide-range application: -20°-+40°.
  • Internal batteries are available upon request for using the display boards without a power supply connection.
  • Modularity (available on MicroGraph and MicroTab). The display boards can be assembled very easily creating LED walls of the required dimensions. This is possible thanks to the exclusive Microgate assembly system ensuring the same LED distance between display boards.
  • Connectivity. Microgate display boards are equipped with various communication interfaces: 2 serial ports, USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi (optional). Furthermore, all modules can be connected with the Linkgate pulse radio transmission system (optional for MicroTab Light).
  • Compatibility. The display boards are compatible with Omega, Alge, Digitech, and other chronometers. It is also possible to display information from other instruments, such as anemometers, thermometers, and speed measurement systems.