Chronometers - User Interface/User eXperience

User Interface/User eXperience

We made a big effort to make Rei Pro simpler, easier and faster but at the same time we tried to maintain continuity in the basic concepts and in the philosophy (very innovative at that time) introduced 15 years ago with Rei2. Therefore, the learning and training efforts made by the Rei2 users aren’t vain and both new and old users will take advantage in the following areas:

Better menu browsing

  • Icons and descriptive text
  • Touch browsing
  • Dedicated icons for :
    • Synchronization
    • Hardware test
    • Configurations

Easier settings and configuration

  • Status bar and navigation pane
  • Breadcrumb to always know in which menu we are
  • Dedicated icons with specific colors (e.g. red=synchronization, green=settings, orange=test)
  • User friendly controls (slider, toggle, dropdown)
  • Configuration portability (xml file than can be copied from a Rei Pro to another)

Operational continuity for REI2 users

  • START-LAP-STOP areas as in REI2
  • In addition to the existing function keys F1...F5, we added 6 side function keys with specific function (A…F)
  • We added a MENU key