Chronometers - Timing lines

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Timing lines

  • 4 main lines on 4mm axle bushing
  • 4 signal lines on 6-pole amphenol socket as well as on banana sockets
  • 4 lines on keyboard (separate)
  • The physical lines have a configurable Schmitt-Trigger with lower and upper threshold
  • The lines have configurable noise filter (to eliminate signal bounces e.g. stargate or starting buttons)
  • 16 lines by radio on 5 channels with different frequencies (two native LinkGate inputs and three on the serial ports)
  • 80 lines through Linkpod extension (as for Rei2)
  • 3 serial lines completely configurable
    • Computer A
    • Computer B/Rei2 Net
    • Displayboard
    • All with separate lines RS232 and RS485 with power supply +5V limited at 150mA
  • 3 analogic inputs 0-5V
    • Temperature, humidity and anemometry sensors
  • 6 I/O digital 0-5V
    • GPS in/out synchronization signal
    • Traffic light control